Sunday, April 08, 2007

The true meaning of Easter

Family and friends
We had a small Easter party this morning with some family and friends. About 15 of us in all, it was a good small number. Especially since Lucas was concerned that we not have too many people over, since he thought that everyone else would be taking his Easter eggs.


We had a small Easter party this morning with some family and friends. Our friend, who is Jewish, said to his wife before they came over, "Wouldn't it be funny if Sunny served bagels and lox for Easter brunch?" I guess I was in a funny mood, because that's exactly what we had. Plus sausages, mini quiches and strawberries and cream and chocolate-dipped strawberries (Yummy! Thanks Lori!).

Oh yeah, candy!
Lucas has been looking forward to the Easter candy for a while now. Word sure must get around fast at preschool. He quizzed me all week on this:
Lucas: When is the Easter bunny coming?
Me: Soon, on Easter Sunday.
Lucas: What type of candy will the Easter bunny bring?
Me: Something good I'm sure.
Lucas: Does he know I like chocolate?
Me: Of course he does. The Easter bunny knows those kinds of things.
Lucas: What if he forgets to bring candy to my house?
Me: He'll only forget if you keep asking me about it. (I didn't really say this, but after the nth round of questioning, I felt like it.)

The spirit of competition
Ella, Owen and Lucas were geared up and ready for the Easter egg hunt. When Lucas was getting his shoes on, I asked him, "Are you going to wear your rain boots?" (He's been rather fond of them lately) "No, I need my running shoes because I have to run fast to get the Easter eggs."(If you haven't been to our house recently, note the newly landscaped backyard, below.)

And what would Easter be without some one-up-manship in the candy department.
- I got 2 chocolate eggs.
- But I got FOUR chocolate eggs.
- I found the most eggs, more than both of you!

Because after all, isn't that what Easter's all about??

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