Monday, April 16, 2007

Letting go

Kevin's brother Brady came to town with his girlfriend Michelle. We had a great time. We went to dinner with them Friday night. Lucas had so much fun with them, and of course, roughhousing with his Uncle Brady.

On Sunday we all spent some time at the Marina flying kites. It was a gorgeous day, with just enough wind for kite-flying, but mild enough where we weren't freezing our butts off.
(If you look closely, Kevin and Lucas have the exact same expression on their faces. Also, you'll notice that Lucas has his hoodie on backwards. He put it on that way in the morning and left it that way all day.)
Lucas was concerned that his kite was too far away. "Bring it back," he would say, "It's going to fly away. I want to put it back in the package." I explained that the fun thing about kites is to see how high it can fly in the sky. I assured him that there was no way the kite would fly off with someone holding onto it. After a few times, Lucas got it and could enjoy watching it.

Then of course, I was holding it and accidentally let it go. The spool quickly rolled across the grass away from me. Kevin caught it in time, but Lucas saw the whole thing (of course) and reprimanded me, "See Mommy, you almost lost my kite."

I wonder how long it will take him to trust me with his kite again.

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