Saturday, September 08, 2007

36 points for "portages", 0 points for "slacker mom"

On Lucas' first day of school earlier this week, I prepared a little lunch for him and included a note. I felt satisfied knowing that I went the extra mile to scotch tape a little love note from me and Kevin for his first day.

As I waited for him to wake up, I engaged in my latest obsession, Scrabble on Facebook. With my laptop set up in the kitchen, I toggled back and forth between my nine games I had going on at the time. I was on a roll against someone from British Columbia, with four words in a row that were over 20 points each - ZA for 22, INNOCENTS for 33, YAM for 26 and PORTAGES for 36.

I played for about an hour within my various games, but excitement was mounting as my score against my Canadian opponent was nearing 400, which is a record for me. But just after the Canadian posted "PER" for a measly 10 points, I heard Lucas wake up. I closed my laptop and immediately went from word wizard to attentive mother mode.

I went into his room and asked what he wanted for breakfast. "Cheese toast" was his answer. I went into the kitchen to start on his cheese toast. But, there was no bread, not even the heel of the loaf left. Then Lucas called out, "And a glass of milk please."

I opened the fridge, but no milk either. I anticipated big disappointment and possible tantrum if I had to deliver this news without a good plan B. So I searched the cupboards and found a plan B that was in no way nutritious, but it was satisfying to him - a Clif Z bar and apple juice.

You would think that a thoughtful mom would have made sure her fridge and cupboards were stocked with basics for a good breakfast on the first day of school. Instead, this mom was busy playing Scrabble with friends and strangers from around the world.

What a loser!

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