Sunday, September 30, 2007


I just went through a purge of sorts. Every week we get probably 5 pounds worth of catalogs (I'm not exaggerating), every week! Our recycling bin is always way more full than our garbage bin, due to the influx of catalogs and other junk mail.

So I kept a bunch of the recent ones and knocked them off one at a time. I just called and asked to be taken off the list.I got all these catalogs within one week. And they're the heavy holiday catalogs too.

For some of them, I had to go through some pretty complex phone trees to talk with a human and get off the lists. LL Bean, to their credit, had an actual human being answer straight off the bat.

The worst offender, Restoration Hardware. After pressing lots of different buttons to get my name off their mailing list, I heard a recording that the mailbox was full.

I was also peeved with Pottery Barn. As the other people told me that I may receive another catalog or two over the next six weeks, Pottery Barn said that I would receive catalogs for the next six months, as the mail lists have already gone out. This made me mad. I feel like it's a marketing trick. Plus, I probably get the most catalogs from PB and PB Kids.

You can bet your favorite catalog that I'm going to make some phone calls and have a talk with Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn.

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