Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Every page counts

Do you know how many pages are in your favorite books? Lucas does.

This past week, Lucas has been obsessed by counting and numbers. When I was reading him books on Monday night, he chose, "1000 Facts on Dinosaurs". But instead of reading the book, he wanted to go through each page and say the page numbers. "One, two, three, four..." you get where this is going.

A few questions came up and I didn't have good answers to any of them:
- Why is the first page number we see '4' instead of '1'?
- Why do some pages not have numbers on them?
- Why does 2+2=4, but 2 next to 2 make 22?

Finally we got to the end - through the index, and even the acknowledgments, since they all have page numbers. All in all, this book has 224 pages. Good to know.

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