Friday, April 04, 2008

Adventures in our own backyard, Part 2: Berkeley park tour

On Sunday Lucas and I started early on our quest for adventure. Our goal was to bike around to at least three new parks. Kevin armed Lucas with a compass and we were on our way.We usually go to the same 3-4 parks, but there are so many in this area. I found out that Berkeley has 52 parks - amazing!

The first park was over in North Berkeley. I had driven by before and have never seen anyone on this structure. And the whole time we were there, no one else came by to climb. We both had a great time climbing on this huge spider web, which we had all to ourselves.

We ambled up the bike path a little to a more traditional little park. Because he is so into climbing, he found new ways to interact with the regular little tube slide.
(Note: I do not make him wear his helmet when he climbs. But when we got to this park I asked if he wanted to take it off, he said, "But what if I fall down?")

Then we biked up to the Gourmet Ghetto and had to take advantage of all the yummy offerings there. It wasn't quite lunchtime, so we stopped in at Masse's Pastries, for a little snack of cookies and tea.

Our final destination was Live Oak Park. While we have been there before for cultural fairs, I count this as new since we have never actually played there, and they have a relatively new play structure for kids.

After playing on the structure, we went to the grassy area and ate our lunch and played some soccer. And because we were in Berkeley, Lucas took a break and did some yoga. Here he is doing his favorite pose, the Warrior. We rode back home, I was exhausted. Of course, Lucas wasn't. I was sacked out in the living room. Lucas asked if I wanted a snack and I said sure, but then I dozed off for a couple minutes. While I was sleeping he brought over the step stool to use as a little table, a little container of cashews and some tangerines.

Luckily I had my iPhone handy and captured this photo of him, so happy with himself for preparing me such a wonderful snack.

We're so lucky we have such an awesome little kid!

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