Thursday, April 24, 2008

The ULTIMATE lazy game to play with your child

Kevin and Lucas made up this game called "The Giant's Treasure" or something like that. This trumps my game, Bowling for Mommy, as the game you can play with your kid that uses the least amount of energy on your part.
  • You (the parent) lay down and pretend to sleep.
  • Your child puts some kind of treasure on or right around you, something like a marble or whatever your child deems as treasure-worthy at the moment.
  • Your little urchin tries to take the treasure without waking you up.
  • You can vary the amount of success your child has, depending on how tired or lazy you are.
Either way, your child will have fun because it's exciting if they can successfully steal the treasure without "waking" you, and it's exciting to get caught by the sleeping giant.

In fact, the other day I was looking at photos on my iPhone and came across this one.
I showed it to Lucas and asked him why he put his calculator and iPhone by me when I was napping (I napped for about an hour last Saturday). He said, "I was playing Giant's Treasure with you, and guess what? You never woke up! So I took a picture of you with your iPhone."

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