Friday, April 25, 2008

Book recommendation - for rookie moms (and even not-so-rookie moms)

When I was pregnant with Lucas and during the first year of his life I immersed myself in all the books du jour for moms-to-be: What to Expect When You're Expecting, 1001 Baby Names, What to Expect Year One, The No-Cry Sleep Solution, The Girlfriend's Guide to___, Superfoods for Baby, Everything You Need to Know About Pregnancy...I had a ton of these books.

But while I was reading about the anticipation of the mucus plug, 101 ways to interpret your baby's cough, strategies to get your baby to enjoy tummy time, and other thrilling topics, I didn't have a good book of fun things to do during that first year.

After Lucas passed year one, my friends Whitney and Heather were both pregnant. When their kids were born they started a web site called Rookie Moms. It's a great a site that gives new moms ideas on what to do with (and without) your baby. And now Rookie Moms is a book. The activities are broken out into months, for the first 12 months. When I look at their site, and now their book, there are so many things I wish I had thought of back when Lucas was really little:

#22 - Go to a theater where crying is allowed
I don't know why we never ventured out to one of these movie theaters that have a designated baby night. Basically, you can take your pre-crawler and there's a lot of crying going on, but you can at least have a good back-up soundtrack and catch a movie before it's on DVD.

#66 - Enjoy modern art
I'm not a huge museum person, I mostly like to buy trinkets at the museum store and go to the cafe. But even those things...I could have done that with Lucas when he was still bound to the Baby Bjorn or stroller, and I didn't.

#195 - Host a board game night
Pre-Lucas, Kevin and I used to attend and host dinner parties that always ended up with some kind of game - Cranium, Taboo, or my personal favorite, Running Charades. I'm not sure why we stopped having these parties when Lucas was born. And now, he's old enough to want to participate.

I'm going to a baby shower tomorrow. I wonder what she'll get from me?

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