Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Music appreciation

I love Lucas' school, I really do. Like any school it has its down sides, but Lucas has made some great friends there and has learned a ton, most of which has been chronicled in this blog at various points.

This month they're studying music, mostly classical, in preparation for their field trip to the SF Symphony at the end of the month.

At home Kevin has been playing classical music for Lucas at bedtime too. A few nights ago I cuddled in with Lucas for a little chat before he fell asleep.

Lucas: Mommy, what do you like more the trombone or the flute?
Me: I don't know, I really like both. What do you like?
Lucas: I love the trombone. I want to learn to play the trombone.

Then last night...
Lucas: I love the flute. Can I learn to play the flute?
Me: When you turn 5, you can choose an instrument and start taking lessons.
Lucas: I can't wait till I'm 5!

This was in his file today. See his musical notes? He also drew a picture of himself playing the trombone. Awesome!

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