Sunday, April 06, 2008

Guilty gastronomic pleasures - under $5

Sometimes, I feel the need to indulge. Here's my list of favorites - each for less than five bucks!
  • Cinnamon toast (basically, cinnamon and sugar on heavily buttered bread)
  • Jam shot - At the Cheeseboard, they have these little tiny things of homemade berry jam, just enough to spread on one roll. It comes in a little ketchup container, the kind they have in fast food joints. And it's only $0.25. (I'm not sure what they call them, I'm sure not jam shots!)
  • Svenhard's cinnamon roll - available at Safeway, individually wrapped, you'll find them right by the Ding-Dongs. Price around $0.79.
  • Poco Dolce Chocolates - These are tiny squares of dark chocolate with sea salt and some other flavor - ginger and aztec chile are my two favorites. One small square for $1.75.
  • McDonald's - I don't do this frequently, but my favorite meal from McDonald's is a Filet-o-Fish burger, fries, organge soda and an apple pie. Price is usually about $3
  • Hot chocolate at Sketch Ice Cream - They melt the chocolate, use whole milk and top it off with one of their delicious homemade marshmallows for $3.50, but it's well worth it. Actually anything at Sketch is well worth it.

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