Sunday, October 09, 2005

Dorm Living for Midgets

So we're pretty much settled into our apartment. Last night was our first night here. I say we're settled in, but we're living off of Lucas' stuff. We're eating at his little table and chairs, using little utensils, and plastic and colorful bowls and plates. And our "coffee table" is Lucas' train table. Oh, and we don't have pots and pans. Did I also mention we're all sleeping on the floor? But, at least we have wireless for our laptops. And I spent $40 to get Lucas a fancy little nightlight-lantern combo for his room, which he really likes and so far, it's kept him happy in his room, so it was worth the money.

I've never lived in an apartment with so many units. The biggest apartment I've lived in had 14 units, aside from the college dorms. There must be at least 40 units here.

It's kind of surreal to be living dorm life with Kevin and Lucas. Maggie will be making her debut here tomorrow. Yes, Maggie the original good-time gal, the official party animal will be living with us in this little apartment. Let the fun begin...TOGA TOGA!

While I spent the first part of this post talking about what we don't have, I'm still so so so happy to be back in Berkeley. Lucas and I biked over to Totland to meet up with Whitney and Julian, it only took us 5 minutes.

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