Monday, October 10, 2005

"Where have all the roses gone?"

Although Lucas is adjusting well to the apartment life, he is still a little confused over his new surroundings. He's a bit like an overthrown prince, who has been cast down from his high castle and now lives with the commoners. The first afternoon in the apartment, he looked out and saw a man down below. He said, "Is that our gardener?". I said "No, we don't have a gardener in the apartment, we don't even have our own garden." He started towards the front door, "I'm going to check to see what the gardener is doing."

Then this morning in his room and I lifted him up and said, "Let's look out your window." Of course, we saw other apartment windows, but Lucas said, "Mommy, where are my roses?" At least he can be certain that his lowly servants (aka Mommy and Daddy) are just in the next room, waiting to take orders from him.

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Georgina said...

Hey, Sunny,

I like your description of Lucas getting used to his humbler surroundings. And I'm so glad you made it out of Moraga and are closer by now!