Thursday, October 06, 2005

From Suburbia to Berkeley

Well, we decided to bite the bullet and rent an apartment in Berkeley till the construction on our house is complete. A few reasons for this: 1) Completion date moved from November to December (whoops!); 2) Three very long round-trips a week through the Caldecott tunnel during rush hour to take Lucas to preschool. Restless and hungry toddlers do not make for happy passengers; and 3) We really missed our favorite people and places out in the Berkeley area.

We made the decision just in time. I was almost brainwashed into thinking Moraga is BETTER than Berkeley. Lucas and I went to Totland park yesterday, the big park with lots of trucks and scooters that Lucas and I love. I looked around and it was so crowded, more toys were broken than functioning, and there were half-eaten pizza slices sitting on a picnic bench. This was shocking in comparison to the nearly-empty, pristine (almost sterile) look of the parks in Moraga. Then I shook my head and realized that this was home. Luckily, we had just come from signing the lease on the apartment. Moraga almost had me for a second.

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Betsy Yalcin said...

Kevin and Sunny,
Lucas is totally cute! How fun to see you all together. What a great looking family! Thanks for posting a picture.