Thursday, October 20, 2005

Toddler Logic

Lucas has been asking lots of questions lately. The most popular ones seem to be "What is ___?" and "Why?" Sometimes when Lucas asks me what something is, I give him an analogy. For instance, "Mommy, what is salad?", "A salad is a lot of vegetables like lettuce and spinach".

So now he gives me his own analogies, some of which make more sense to me than others.

Lucas: I want bubblegum.
Me: Do you know what bubblegum is?
Lucas: It's kind of like a mud puppy.

(Photo on left: bubblegum; photo on right: mudpuppy)

Lucas is also getting good at answering my questions, with the same definitive answers I give.

Me: Lucas, why are you so smart?
Lucas: Because I take naps. That's why!

Me: What is that? (pointing to a picture of a porcupine)
Lucas: That' s a porcupine. It has sharp points that can hurt you. That's why it's called a porcupine and that's all!

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