Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Goats and Chickens and Toddlers, OH MY!

Today I was a driver and chaperone for Lucas' first field trip to Little Farm in Tilden Park. Little did I know what it would be like to be out in public with more than a dozen children under the age of 5! I was one of several adults, but those little urchins wouldn't have had any problem overthrowing the adults in a second. (Now that I look back, there were only 11 kids)

The girls were following the rules set by the teachers, content to hold hands with their partners and stay with the group. On the other hand, the boys were all over the place! Running around like maniacs, waving around sticks, and screaming at each other and the poor farm animals.

After an hour or so of terrorizing the goats, feeding them tons of celery, and eating snacks, the teacher asked me what we should do next. I had only one thing on my mind: Let's get these kids back in school before chaos really erupts! After a few suggestions, she suggested going back to school and I nodded emphatically, car keys already in hand.

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