Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Breaking news at the McKay house!!!

During dinner tonight Lucas let me and Kevin in on some very exciting news. Lucas announced that he's having a baby! Yes, you heard it right. Lucas is having a baby boy and he's going to name it Sea Dragon.

Me: Is the baby in your belly right now?
Lucas: Yes it is.
Me: Oh, I was wondering why your belly was so big latetly.
Lucas: Yep, I have a baby in there.
Me: So, when is your baby going to come out? We need to know so we can get ready for it.
Lucas: Actually, my baby is coming on my birthday. July 16th!
Me: Fantastic! We can celebrate your birthday and your baby's birthday. Wait, we need to figure out where he will sleep.
Lucas: He will sleep with me in my room.
Me: That sounds like a good plan.

Then Lucas hit me with part two of his big news.

Lucas: And, there's going to be another one too.
Me: Really, two babies! How exciting! Is the other one a boy or a girl?
Lucas: A girl.
Me: Wow! A girl, cool! Did you pick out a name for her yet?
Lucas: Blood Nose. (I had just been telling him in the car not to pick his nose because he could get some bad germs, or even a bloody nose. Coincidence?)
Me: Interesting name. Did you come up with that name by yourself?
Lucas: Yes.

Apparently Lucas hasn't gone in for an ultrasound yet, but we'll keep you posted.

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Ryan said...

I'm also having a baby the second week of July. Lucas and I can be in the same mom's group!