Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Who is the grown-up here?

Even through being sick and bored of his parents being sick, and through the occasional temper tantrum and general whininess, Lucas expressed his mature side on several occasions.

- A few days ago I ran to the store to pick up some things even though I was pretty sick and not feeling good. When Lucas heard me open the front door he said to Kevin, "I'm going to go give Mommy a hug because she needs one."

- Kevin will read any book to Lucas, except these two little SpongeBob books that I have from my days at LeapFrog. Lucas knows that Kevin won't read those books to him. So one day when Kevin said he would read a book to Lucas, Lucas brought over a non-SpongeBob book and said, "I think this one is okay for you, right?"

- This morning as I was driving Lucas to school, he asked me, "Can we listen to jazz sometimes? I never get to listen to jazz at home." After asking some questions, I found out that his teacher plays jazz CDs when rest time is over.

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