Thursday, March 01, 2007

Coming to a mall near you...

One of my former co-workers at Kodak Gallery sent this to me today. See anyone you recognize?

Lucas and I, courtesy of the Kodak Gallery Scan Van, will be driving around in test markets, initially, in Florida and Southern California.

It's actually a great concept, I could really use a Scan Van at this point. Basically, you bring your shoeboxes of old photos and drop them off at the Scan Van so they can be digitized. I have tons of boxes of old photos that I need to do something with.

It's kind of cheesy, I can't really believe Lucas and I will be seen driving through the city streets like this. I guess we really earned our $10!

Scan Van, please make a pit stop at our house!

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Whitney said...

That's so cool! Also funny that I was just thinking that it's a shame that all of my photos from the past 4 years are digital and I should really make some prints!