Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dancing debut

A couple months ago when I picked up Lucas from school there was a sign-up sheet for a once-a-week dance class, specifically with the end-goal of a performance at the annual multicultural feast and fundraiser for the school.

I thought, what the heck, I'll sign him up and see how he does.

I peeked in on dance class one day, Lucas was lightly kicking the ground with his shoe, while his partner, Ella, danced joyfully on her own.

I received periodic reports through Ella's mom, that according to Ella, "Lucas doesn't do the dance right."

When I asked Lucas about dance class, he mostly denied that he was in a dance class. A few times when I asked him to show me what he was learning, he would skip around the room wildly flinging his arms about.

I learned from Ella's mom more about the dance, Ella actually practiced it at home. In fact, it didn't include any skipping or arm-flinging. And there were specific moves: heel, heel, toe, toe, and three little jumps to the side; there was also a move where the partners link arms and swing each other around. Yeah...I didn't see any of these moves from Lucas.

A few days before the performance, I asked Lucas if he would show me his dance moves. Again, he skipped wildly around the room. Then he said, "But Yovanka (his dance teacher) told me today that that's not how the dance goes." I asked him if he knows how it goes and he replied, "Not really." I told him I thought I knew a little bit of the dance and I showed him the heel, heel, toe, toe move that Ella's mom showed me. But he ran off to play with his cars so I didn't push it.

Kevin and I eagerly looked forward to Lucas' big dance debut, wondering what would happen when Lucas got on stage with his dance team in front of 100 or so parents.

There were two dance groups. Lucas was in the 2nd group. (Turn up your speakers!)

Everyone was clapping and laughing throughout both performances. After Lucas came down from the stage, he had a big smile on his face. So whatever he was thinking about, he must have been pleased with himself. Unless he was just relieved to be away from the whole dancing escapade. Kevin and I were there to congratulate him on a job well done. He seemed pleased as he ate his 4th cookie of the day.

As I look back on the videos, I wonder what he was thinking when he was up there.
- How does this dance go again? (probably not)
- What am I doing here? (maybe)
- Is Daddy eating my cookie? (most likely)

Luckily he has other talents to fall back on.

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Whitney said...

You will surely want to show this video at his high school graduation party - once we know what he's actually good at. It's priceless.