Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Cleaning out the closet

In our guest room/office, we have a closet. This would be the perfect closet for parties, where guests can hang their coats and bags. Or a closet for any overnight guests we may have, so they can hang up a couple things during their stay.

But, thanks to me, this closet has not been used for any of the above. Since we moved back into the house in spring of 2005, this closet has been crammed with stuff...mostly photos, Christmas decorations, Lucas' old baby stuff, and any other miscellany that needed some kind of half-way home before getting organized and shuttled off to its forever home.

After many fits and starts for taking on this project, I finally did it this past weekend. I threw away so many photos, mostly pre-digital photos with a cameo of my thumb, or people with their eyes blinking. It took me a long time, but it was definitely worth it because there were some keepers in there. I found photos that I had taken with my 110 Kodak camera back in elementary school, and my Kodak Disc camera in middle school. Once I get them organized, I'll post some here.

In the mean time, I'll have to have a party since I now have a place where people can hang up their coats.

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