Thursday, July 17, 2008

A new game in town

Driving Lucas home from school today, he asked me if I knew how to play Greasy Baby.

Me: No, I've never heard of that game before, how do you play?
Lucas: Well, I play on the big yard with Jack and Olivia, and Trace, he's in the toddler room. When Trace runs after us, we run away and yell, ""Greasy baby! Greasy baby!".
Me: Why do you yell "Greasy baby"?
Lucas: Because Trace's face is all greasy, and he's a baby.
Me: What do you mean, greasy?
Lucas: He has so much spit on his face that it's greasy.
Me: Well, you know little kids drool a lot, and it probably just gets on his face.
Lucas: It's so gross.
Me: How do you think he feels when you call him Greasy Baby?
Lucas: I think he feels good about it. He just runs after us and laughs.
Me: Do you think it hurts his feelings at all?
Lucas: He doesn't have feelings, he's just a baby.

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