Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lucas hits the big 5.0

Lucas had been eagerly anticipating his 5th birthday for months now. There was much more significance attached to this birthday than any previous birthdays, from his standpoint.

For his birthday breakfast, per his request, he had bacon and a bowl of syrup to dip the bacon in. And then we were off to school.

sun. Lucas walked around the sun carrying a globe, while the kids sang a little song, that starts something like, "The earth goes around the sun, the sun, the earth goes around the sun...". Each time he walked around, the teacher asked him questions, "What did you like to eat when you were one?", "What did you like to play with when you were two?", etc. I also put together a poster with photos of him from every year. The teacher would point to the photo corresponding to the year she was talking about. Then when Lucas walked around 5 times, he gets to blow out the candle. At his school they have a pagan-like ritual they do for kids' birthdays. The teacher lights a candle that represents theAfter the ceremony, we snacked on the blueberry muffins with vanilla frosting that Lucas and I made.

For dinner, we went to Fenton's for his birthday dinner with my family. We told Lucas all about ice cream sundaes and told him he could have one for his birthday. I guess we've been used to getting smaller servings at our local ice cream places like Sketch and Ciao Bella, because even the petite servings at Fenton's were HUGE! Kevin told them it was Lucas' birthday so when they brought out his sundae, the wait staff led the entire restaurant in a round of "Happy Birthday". Surprisingly, Lucas seemed to like the attention, or maybe he was just so happy with the size of his sundae. He ate all the whipped cream, and just barely dug into the actual ice cream.

We let him stay up past nine o'clock so he could play with his new toys. When I asked him what his favorite part of the day was he said, "I liked it all the best," then he added, "But going out for ice cream was really really fun."

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