Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lucas' birthday fest

Seems like we spent this week celebrating Lucas' birthday. Here are pics from today's party with his cronies.

Lucas kept flip-flopping on whether he wanted a soccer or baseball party, so we just brought a bunch of sports equipment for whatever they wanted to do. I think baseball won out.There was also some tree climbing and other non-sport activities going on.
Per Lucas' request, he got a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. I had asked if he wanted any decorations, like soccer balls or baseballs, oddly, he said, "No, just strawberries."

Lucas didn't want a pinata, and we decided against doing any gift bags. But we didn't want the little tykes to leave empty-handed, so Kevin came up with this idea of just getting a couple bags of candy and throwing handfuls across the field.

The kids had a great time. For some reason, Lucas wasn't into this candy free-for-all, but I saved him a couple pieces anyway.

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