Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Field trips to San Francisco

We commuted into SF last Friday for Lucas' final preschool field trip. During the field trip, I realized that Lucas' first trip into SF was also with Ella.

Here is Lucas with Ella, on the street car, en route to the Aquarium of the Bay.
Here are the two of them on Lucas' first BART trip into SF, when Lucas was a mere 20 months old.
We had a great time at the's the perfect size for this age, not too big and overwhelming. We ditched our peanut butter sandwiches after the field trip and stopped for lunch at the Ferry Building .And again, here we were in almost the same spot, 40 months later.
Lucas and Ella have known each other since Lucas was born (and Ella was about 6 months old). They have also been in the same class since they started school at age 2. Now here they are, wrapping up their last year in preschool, with kindergarten coming up in a couple months.

Even though they didn't always play together, they both were comforted knowing that the other one was in the same class. I'm sure Lucas will ask me if Ella will be in his kindergarten class. And sadly, I'll have to say no.

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