Sunday, June 04, 2006

Dream analysis

Today was the first day Lucas told me about his dreams. We were playing the drawing game where I draw something and he guesses what it is, then he draws something and I guess what it is.

Lucas drew a lot of jellybeans and I asked him why.

Lucas: I like jellybeans.
Me: Really? I didn't know you ever had a jellybean. What was it like?
Lucas: Well, you don't eat them.
Me: Oh, what do you do with them?
Lucas: You just put them in your mouth. I thought about jellybeans when I was sleeping.
Me: So you dreamed about jellybeans?
Lucas: Yes, I dreamed about them.
Me: What happened?
Lucas: They were just in my mouth, that's all.
Me: What did they taste like?
Lucas: Just like jellybeans. Let's play a different game now.

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