Sunday, June 18, 2006

New milestones

When Lucas was a little baby, there were new changes, what seemed like daily. Then the changes get bigger, but they're spread out more.

But this weekend there were several highlights for Lucas:

1) On Saturday we spent the morning at Live Oak Park. A great time was had by all, and we didn't even venture over to the playground. Lucas and Kevin did some bug hunting and Lucas found a stick and was happily digging a "hole to China" for quite some time. Lucas found a stick, his "sword", which he used to scare away witches, ghosts, and even a few actual passerbys. We ended with a picnic in the park, it was nice not to be tethered to the playstructure.

2) We went to buy new sandals for Lucas. I took him to REI. He immediately gravitated toward the Keen sandals, which are "just like Tommy's" (an older boy at school). This was the first time that he asked for something because someone else has it.

3) For Father's Day, we took Lucas up to Indian Rock. I was nervous at first, but Lucas proved to be a skillful, and cautious, rock climber. He actually made it to the top! We celebrated afterward with a sushi lunch.

4) I took Lucas' complaining over getting his diaper changed as a window of opportunity to encourage him to go diaper-free. So, from about 330 till 730 (bath time), he was successfully peeing in the toilet. His school is on break the next two days, so "grammy" (my mom) will be with him. Hopefully this trend will continue.

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