Thursday, June 15, 2006

Going the extra mile for Lucas

Tonight after we got home from a hearty dinner at Picante, Lucas asked for cereal and milk -- Mighty Bites to be exact. We were down to the last few MBs, so I told him I would buy some tonight and he could have them in the morning.

Imagine my horror when I didn't find Mighty Bites at Andronicos. Surely this was a fluke, so I drove to Andronicos on Shattuck, then Elephant Pharmacy and still no Mighty Bites! I was in a panic thinking of the guaranteed melt-down coming my way when Lucas would realize I had not fulfilled my promise to get his favorite cereal. (Okay, so maybe "panic" is a little strong, but I was definitely dreading the morning.)

I scanned the cereal aisle, looking for a cereal shape that resembled Mighty Bites, so I could put the bag into the MB box. I couldn't find anything so I started to think of alternative plans -- breakfast out seemed to be the best bet.

On the way home, I ducked into Safeway, and thank god...they had Mighty Bites! As I was in the checkout line, I was thinking, "Did I go too far by going the extra mile to get Lucas his favorite cereal? Should I have let go of the quest for Mighty Bites and let him in on the fact that life is full of disappointments?" But now that I have the Mighty Bites tucked snugly into the cupboard, at least I can get a good night's sleep.

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way to far!