Thursday, June 22, 2006

Poop happens

(Warning, this entry is graphic in nature, since it centers around pee and poop.)

Lucas has been diaper-free, aside from naps and overnights, since Sunday afternoon, with nary an accident. Like a lot of kids beginning the toilet training process, he is withholding his poop and saving it up for when he has a diaper on. Except for tonight when he eked out the tiniest poop. For a guy who has healthy-sized BMs at least a couple times a day, this is quite a feat. I just hope he isn't harming his innards with his deliberate constipation.

We are all so proud (and relieved) that Lucas is diaper-free. He's been getting chocolate-covered raisins for each time he goes in the toilet, which is quite a treat for him.

My mom was home with Lucas Mon-Wed of this week. Thursday is his first day at school without a diaper. I'm hoping it goes well. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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