Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Marketing to kids -- it works!

Lucas has no idea who Scooby-Doo is or SpongeBob either. And he doesn't ask for Elmo cereal bars. But the other day Lucas fell victim to kid's marketing. And I, his mom, have since succumbed to his persistent requests (yes, the "nag factor" in full form) for this product.

We were walking through Trader Joe's, specifically the cereal aisle, and I was about to reach for the Kashi Heart to Heart cereal, which Lucas has been eating for a little over a year. Then he spotted -- Mighty Bites for Kids!

A bit of background: Lucas really wants to be a big kid, always asking me when he can go to kindergarten at the "big kid's school" across the street from our house. He will also, at least a couple times a day stand in front of me and say, "Look how big I am mommy. Look!"

So when he pointed to Mighty Bites, I wasn't surprised. There's the photo of the "big" boy on the front of the package and the packaging does stand out compared to all the other cereal at Trader Joe's.

Lucas is so convinced that this cereal will make him big and strong, that when Kevin called it "all sugar" Lucas said in a loud voice, "No it's not, it's Mighty Bites!". I can just imagine the marketing folks at Kashi giving themselves a big pat on the back for this one.

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