Saturday, June 03, 2006

Lucas' health update

Although Lucas shed his fever and was in better spirits, his cough was actually getting worse. Instead of just coughing at night, he was coughing more during the day on Wednesday and Thursday.

So I called his doctor on Thursday to let her know that Lucas still had the hacking cough. I scheduled an appointment for Friday, and I'm so glad I did.

After the visit to Dr. Lang, she concluded that the amoxicillin wasn't working and Lucas still has "junk" in his right lung. She prescribed Zithromax, which has worked wonders on Lucas already.

In fact, last night, I didn't hear him cough at all, so I snuck into his room to make sure he was okay. I slept in there, just to be sure. But he was pretty much cough-free last night, yay!

This evening, before bath, he said, unprompted, "Mommy, I feel good."

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