Friday, June 30, 2006

Leisure Friday

Today I took the day off of work because my mom had made plans for today, way back since before she was on official Lucas duty.

Lucas and I had been talking all week about taking BART to San Francisco. But alas, this morning, Lucas showed no interest in doing so. I tried to tempt him several times, since I wanted to be absolutely sure he didn't want to go. I think part of it is that he's still potty training and partly he just likes to, in his words, "wobble around the house".

So we had a leisurely breakfast of strawberries and Mighty Bites. Then he cleaned the house with our new broom gizmo. He said, "Mommy, this is someone else's house and we're the housecleaners." I replied, "How about this is my house and you're my housecleaner?" There's nothing like free child labor.

Around 2 I diapered him up and we went up the street and bought a new camera, a Canon S80 (which I still don't know how to use). Then he was bracing himself against one of the shelves in the aisles of the camera store, taking a monster dump in his diaper. People were walking by, probably wondering what he was doing. It looks like one of the birthing positions you see in your childbirth education classes when you're pregnant. I changed his diaper and gave him a pull-up and we headed to 4th Street.

Our first stop was Sketch Ice Cream, where they kind of know us by now. Lucas and I splurged on their fancy little mini scoops, which are $3.50 each. Then we headed to the toy store. I told him he could get one toy. Much of that hour was spent identifying the different Thomas the Train characters. We played with these cool rubbery stuffed dragons and had a fire-breathing flying match in the store. But in the end he settled on a $6 train.

Then we headed to the Pasta Shop to get a snack. Lucas suggested just about every shiny packaged food item in a 10-foot radius. We settled on the deli's crab cakes, which we both agreed were delicious. We headed to Codys Books where we ran into Whitney and Julian and hung out there for quite a while.

On 4th Street Lucas used about 6 different public restrooms without any hesitation. I was quite impressed.

We had a great day. It was nice to spend a leisurely weekday with him again, like before I went back to work full-time. Maybe I should start playing the lottery.

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