Saturday, June 24, 2006

Poop scoop

Lucas' day at school diaper-free went better than I thought it would. He was diaper-free in the morning and went to the bathroom to pee by himself. They diapered him for his nap and when he woke up, he didn't want them to take the diaper off, so it stayed on.

Kevin was home with him Friday, and again, he did great. We still have the non-poop issue. When Kevin put his nap diaper on him, he pooped instantly, so Kevin changed it again. But other than that, he peed in the toilet every time.

Today, I took Lucas out for his first diaper-free outing. We went, via bike, to the bike store on Solano, then to Thai food. He drank a lot of water at the restaurant and we went into the bathroom a couple of times. I showed him how the toilet works just the same as the one at home. But he said he didn't have to go. In fact, I must have asked him one too many times during lunch, because he finally said, "Mommy, you already asked me that. Don't ask me again." We came home and he immediately made a trip to the toilet.

In the afternoon, we were playing hide-seek. I couldn't find him and when I called out he didn't respond. I found him crouched in the living room...he had an accident. He looked embarrassed, but I assured him that it was okay and I'd just clean it up and we'd get him a fresh pair of shorts. I asked if he forgot he wasn't wearing a diaper, he said, "Yeah, I guess I forgot." But he got a mid-afternoon bath out of the deal and was happy as a clam. The rest of the afternoon and evening he remembered, and after he would come out of the bathroom, he would say, "I went pee by myself, and I even pulled up my own pants!"

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Lindsey said...

Congratulations! Hey, Lucas, can you share some of that action with our household?