Thursday, October 12, 2006

Misadventures in laundry

I was inspired to write this after I read my friend Lindsey's post about her family's dilemma with completing the laundry cycle. I posted a comment that basically said, "YOU ARE NOT ALONE!"

We have the same problem: we can collect the dirty laundry, put it in the washing machine, heck, we can even get it into the dryer. The problem is getting the clean laundry into the right places (drawers, closets and what-not).

This morning, I surveyed the laundry situation. It was pretty bleak. We have clean clothes all over the place: two laundry baskets, one chair, and a load ready to be removed from the dryer.
There are several pathetic excuses for this:
1. Even though we spent all this money on a bigger house, we still don't have lots of places to put our clothes. Our closets are still small and drawer space is limited.
2. Let's face it, fitted sheets are hard to fold.
3. Kevin and I are lazy. This probably being the biggest culprit.

I have a couple of solutions, that still don't totally help, but at least makethe thought of putting the laundry away not quite so overwhelming.
1. Don't fold the clothes. I fold Lucas' stuff because I don't want him to grow up being slobs like his parents.
2. Don't buy things that require ironing. This has saved me lots of headaches. I don't have anything that requires ironing. When Kevin's seldom-worn dress clothes need ironing, we just take them to the dry cleaners.

Stay tuned for my attempt to bleach Lucas' socks.

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