Sunday, October 29, 2006

Two-wheeling weekend

I thought that Lucas riding a two-wheel bike was attributed mostly to the special bike they have at school: ultra low to the ground and pedals attached to the front wheel. I scoured the Internet trying to find this bike, then I went over to the school and looked at the name of the bike manufacturer: Winther Viking bikes from Denmark.

I told Kevin we should get him one of these so he could practice more on a bike he felt comfortable riding. But I was wrong.

We went out yesterday to this great bike store, Wheels of Justice*, in Montclair (more on them later). Lucas picked out a cool-looking green Specialized bike.

He tried it out in the store and kept saying, "Take off these little wheels." The salesman chuckled a little, thinking here's this little tiny kid being really cocky about not wanting training wheels. Kevin deliberated too, thinking that maybe he should get used to the new bike first. He was wrong, we all were wrong.

We took the bike home, Kevin took off the training wheels, and we went over to the playground. Lucas got used to the bike in a minute and he never slowed down.

* Word to all parents: Buy your kid's first bike from Wheels of Justice. When you buy a beginning bike with training wheels, you can return in when your kid is ready to upgrade. They'll give you full-price credit toward your kid's next bike! Plus, they donate these used bikes to local charities. Pretty awesome!

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