Sunday, October 01, 2006

Inside the treasure chest

We all got a good peek inside Lucas' treasure chest, aka his money box, this weekend. Not that he ever kept the contents a secret, but he was especially interested in its contents - taking stuff out, organizing and counting his treasures, and putting it all back in. Lucas' treasure chest includes a lot of coins, plus some other artifacts of more mysterious value.

Chicken plate - We're not sure why he calls it this, but it's a black battery cover to some kind of electronic advice, donated by Kevin.
Bug cards - Mini trading cards from the chocolate Bug Bites from Berkeley Natural Grocery.
Business card - Business card from one of my co-workers, Lori, which I gave to Lucas among other cards from when I interviewed at Kodak Gallery. For some reason, he kept this one.
"Keys" - Pieces of paper that he drew on, folded up, then taped shut. Not sure why these are keys, but that's what he calls them.

Lucas was also into acquiring new coins. When he asked me for some new ones, I told him he had to do some kind of job to get a coin.

Bringing folded laundry upstairs, putting away the clean silverware, putting wet clothes in the dryer - these are some of the things he did for a penny. Talk about cheap labor!

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