Saturday, October 21, 2006

Lost in translation

Lucas has been taking Spanish at school. And somewhere along the line he has picked up some French too. His class has several kids who speak another language at home: Russian, French, and I believe Vietnamese. So between Spanish class and maybe the other languages he hears between some of the kids and the parents, Lucas is very interested in languages.

hutch hutch scrutch - This is what Lucas will say before he throws himself onto the bed. I asked him what it means, but he says it in a way that's like, "ready, set, go!". The other day, he said, "I'm speaking French when I say that." I said, "Nice, I like that you're learning other languages."
Toyota - According to Lucas, this is Spanish for the word car. Yesterday, he asked how you say Toyota in French. I said, "Toyota". He said, "NOOO, in French!" So I said "la voiture".

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