Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The same, but different

When I went to pick up Lucas the other day, one of the kindergarten boys, who is caucasian, came up to me and started this conversation

Kinder Kid: I have a girlfriend. Her name is Sumi.
Me: That's nice, does she go to this school?
Kinder Kid: No, she goes to a different school. But she's my girlfriend.
Me: That's great that you have a girlfriend.
Kinder Kid: She's the same as you and Lucas, but she's Japanese.

Me: Some people think that Korean and Japanese people look alike.
Kinder Kid: Yeah, she looks the same as you, but different.

As I was talking with this kid, Lucas was looking at me like, "What the heck are you two talking about?" (I decided not to tell this kid that when my mom first came to the States, she thought all white people looked alike.)

How well can you differentiate between us Asians? Go to to the Exam Room and click on Faces. It's a multiple choice test where you just see random people's faces and you choose between Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. (Out of 18, I got 6 right. The average is 7. Pathetic!)

BTW, the above collage, from top left going clockwise: The chick from Lost is Korean, Devon Aoki model-turned-actress is Japanese, The Karate Kid's yoda Pat Morita is Japanese and Lucy Liu is Chinese.


RookieMom Heather said...

I failed. I got 5. Fun test, but by the middle, I kept wishing it would just end. Thanks for exposing my one-point-worse-than-you ignorance.

Lindsey said...

Wow! I got 11. I'm so proud of my whitey self.