Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Kudos on my New Year's resolutions

So today is the official start of my NY resolutions and here is the progress I've made:

1 - I've been running at least every other morning and walking some evenings. I've reached 10K+ steps a day, except Saturday. So I can confidently say I've overachieved on this one.
2 - I'm still waiting (albeit patiently) for more patience to come my way.
3 - It's been too wet and rainy for tennis.
4 - I'm going to sign up for the Bolinas Ridge 10K run in May!
5 - Today is the official start of my resolutions, and according to my rules, it's a special occasion. So I celebrated with a cheap chocolate fix while in the office. (see below)
6 - Done. I already figured out how to install Lucas' car seat all by myself.

I ate two Kudos bars in the office today. How can you pair these up with Snickers and M&Ms and call them nutritious? They're really glorified candy bars, with some adhesive sticking all the candy parts and stuff together. The only thing that makes them healthier is that they are smaller than your standard candy bar. But when you eat two, it's pretty much the same as eating one candy bar, isn't it?

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