Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What about Sunny, Kevin, and Maggie?

I know you all want to read about Lucas, but in case you were wondering, the rest of us are alive and well.

Maggie -
I just brought Maggie home from my mom's house today. She had been out there since around Christmas. We shipped her out there after some unfortunate incidents, including a very unpleasant vomiting phase with $300+ vet bills and then a short but ugly episode of dumpster-diving through Lucas' dirty diapers in the garbage. She had quite a time today at Pt. Isabel and then a thorough bath. She's happy to be back.

Kevin -
Kevin's still bringing home the bulk of the bacon for the McKay family. In his off-time, he has been telling some really good stories to Lucas. They involve Lucas and Maggie and always end with a trip to Grandma Kay's house for some kim-bop (Korean-version of sushi). He's also been getting in shape and eating better. Oh, and he's an Aquarius.

Sunny -
Between Lucas, household tasks, and work, I'm trying to do things for myself: going on walks and runs, watching old episodes of X-Files with Kevin, and hanging out with friends. (In fact, I was just asked by Whitney to write down 50 things I like to do. It took me about 15 minutes, but I will keep the list going and maybe find a way to link it to this blog.) I wish I had more energy but I am still summoned out of a deep sleep every night by the little elf, who goes by the name of Lucas. Lately I've been thinking about how old I feel sometimes. Where did the time go?

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