Monday, January 30, 2006

On potty training

On Sunday, when we thought Lucas was napping, he had silently removed his diaper and decided to try on a pull-up. I guess the first 20 pull-ups were not to his liking, because he tried on just about every pair in the pack before settling on one. That was our not-so-subtle sign that Lucas might be ready to take potty training up a notch.

I don't get pull-ups. To Lucas, it feels just like a diaper, so, what's the point? Do pull-ups really help in the toilet training process? Or is it an insidious marketing ploy to keep parents buying diapers until their kids are 8 and to pay the Toy Story royalty to Disney? Based on my experience with kids products and Disney, it's most likely the latter, but we'll see.

So we are just going to let him walk around without anything on bottom when we're home with him. It pretty much works, as he goes to the toilet most of the time when he needs to pee.

This is the current pee-pose for Lucas. Pretty clever, huh? He thought it up all by himself. I figured I should take a picture of him doing this before he does a more conventional stance, or gets embarrassed, whichever comes first.

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