Thursday, January 05, 2006

Our funny little monkey

Besides being his general saucy self, here are some more funny things Lucas has said recently:

"Are they talking about me?" (He says this a lot when we hear songs on the radio)
"Are they talking about Grandma Kay?" (When he hears the children's song "Trot Trot to Grandma's House")
"I can't reach because I'm short, just like Grandma Kay" (Grandma Kay is 5 feet tall)
"When this car grows up, I will drive it." (Holding one of his little toy cars)
"Why do you buy this funny water?" (After accidentally sipping some sparkling water)
"I have a joke. I'll stand here and you stand over there." (And that's pretty much the end of the joke.)

1 comment:

Whitney said...

Am I a huge loser? I actually laughed out loud at Lucas's joke.