Tuesday, January 31, 2006

More photos of the house

Here are some recent pictures of the latest work on the house. The countertops were stained this week and came out great!

Also, more rooms have been painted. This is especially exciting for me, since I've always lived in places with white walls. Unless you count some of the walls in the house where I grew up: fake wood panelling in the family room and a weird dark green wallpaper with an even darker green velour pattern in the two bathrooms.

Aside from a few pedestrian sounding names, like Raccoon Hollow (which is the name of the exterior paint color), or Traffic Light Green, which we are not using, they are all very aspirational and lovely.

Here is Provence Creme in the guest/playroom.

And Queen's Wreath in our upstairs bathroom.

If you catch me scrubbing the toilet in my tiara, you'll know why. (And yes, I actually do have a tiara.)

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