Sunday, May 28, 2006

How far away is my birthday?

With my recent birthday, Lucas has been talking a lot about his birthday. Sometimes he asks about who will be there, and we run down the list of usual suspects. Sometimes he asks about cupcakes and I assure him that we will have cupcakes.

Today we had a different discussion about birthdays. It gave me insight into how Lucas thinks about time - dates, months, etc. We were sitting in the living room looking out the window at the school across the street.

Lucas: Mommy, is my birthday coming soon?
Me: Yes, it's coming up in less than two months.
Lucas: It's July 16, right? Is it far away?
Me: Yes, it's July 16th. It's not far away at all.
Lucas: I see it over there.
Me: Where?
Lucas: Over there, at the big kid's school. That white thing.
Me: What white thing?
Lucas: See (pointing to something in the schoolyard)? That's my birthday over there.
Me: Oh, I see it now. See, it's not that far away.

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