Friday, May 19, 2006

Pictures of the house...finally

With Kevin in Houston and Lucas at my mom's I was finally able to take some pictures of the house without toys or dirty socks getting in the way.

Here's the office upstairs. On a good day, and with a better camera, you could see the Golden Gate Bridge. I'm just starting to get used to having a desk, I still bring my laptop into the kitchen a lot so I can email and cook at the same time.

In the upstairs bathroom we did white tile with glass accents. My favorite feature is something you can't see, but you can feel...radiant heat in the floors. Ahhh!

The staircase has lots of windows, which brings in more light to the first floor too. It's a good landing place for Lucas and I to read books together or just hang out.

Here is Lucas' bedroom. Many people are surprised at how sparse his room is. He has a mattress on the floor and a small nightstand. We'll get him a real bed at some point, but jumping up and down on the bed provides lots of entertainment, especially on rainy days. He keeps his toys and train table in the playroom/guest room, which is the yellow room on the right.

At the last minute, we opted to redo the tile in the first floor bathroom. It was a very plain and creepy gray color before. Now, we have white tile with black accent tiles. Maybe we will also paint it a different color, not sure right now. The existing downstairs got a general make over. Paint on the walls and refinished hardwood floors. Here's the living room.

We got a new light in the dining room. The old one was pretty crappy. The walls were white before so we painted them. We didn't like this new color at first, it was a little acidic. But they toned the color down and we really love it now.

This is probably what I'm most excited about......the kitchen. If you remember our kitchen before, there were no cabinets or drawers along the wall where the fridge and stove were. Now, not only do we have lots of storage, we have a new farmhouse sink, a quiet dishwasher, concrete counters, and tile backsplash. And new linoleum floors.

Soon to come...our bedroom and the new deck, which is in progress.

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RookieMom Heather said...

It's beautiful. I'm surprised you don't have more commenters raving about it! Thanks for sharing your pictures and advice.