Saturday, May 27, 2006

Stomach flu and other bugs

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This has been a long week. Someone at work summed it up today. "Sunny, you look really tired."

Kevin returned from a 9-day business trip to Houston on Monday night. And Lucas came down with the stomach flu on Tuesday. We all took shifts to watch the little prince suffer through his illness, which the doctor confirmed is just the stomach flu. To make things more complicated, Kevin woke up today thinking he had vertigo, but surmised later that it's probably just the stomach flu.

Despite a lagging appetite, a slight fever, and restless nights for Lucas (and me), he was in pretty good spirits these past few days.

On Thursday when I was home with Lucas, he was super helpful, helping me unload the dishwasher and sort the laundry. We went on a trip to the local nursery. It was a relaxing place for me and him to have some quiet outdoor time. Although he was fascinated by the Venus flytraps, he ultimately chose an African violet for inside and some lobelia which we will plant this weekend.

We also got to enjoy our new deck, which is almost complete. Lucas also explains the rationale for "crane" in the word cranefly.

Luckily we have a long weekend to recuperate from the week.

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