Tuesday, May 23, 2006

LeapFroggers...where are they now?

Well, last night, I went to Luna Park in SF. What was the occasion? Deb Kelson had a business trip out here with the Frog, so we all got together for a LeapFrog alumni marketing dinner (Although Whitney is still at the Frog and Deb works with the Frog.)

It was fun, a) to be out with friends, and b) to be out with friends without a child in tow.

Aside from Whitney, who now has a nice work arrangement at LeapFrog to spend more time with her son Julian, the rest of us have moved onto "greener" pastures.

In such a crazy work environment as LeapFrog, it's nice for us to see us all having a good time in new marketing roles, post-LeapFrog.

From left to right: Sunny is at Kodak Gallery, Deb is at Brandgeunity in New York, Whitney is still at the Frog working 3/4 time, Darci is consulting, Matt is at Symantec, Kimberley is with a PR agency, and Steve is at an investment banking firm, with an office on the bay in the Ferry Building.

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