Sunday, May 21, 2006

Role reversal

For some unknown reason, I was very tired this morning. With my mom at church and Kevin still in Houston, I was on my own with Mr. Energy-to-Spare.

At first Lucas was not okay with me laying in bed. I closed my eyes a couple of times, only to be startled awake by Lucas coming over, prodding at my eyes, and saying in a loud voice, "Mommy! Open your eyes!"

Soon, Lucas began to relish in the role of caretaker. Basically I was the baby, and he took care of me as he saw fit. He wore this blanket like this for much of the time that he was caring for me. Throughout our role-reversal, I heard bits of things I usually say to him, get repeated back to me.

Me: Can you read me a book?
Lucas: I can't read, but we can talk about the pictures.

Me: Lucas, can you grab my water for me? It's in the kitchen.
Lucas: Sure I can, but can you say 'please'?
Me: Lucas, can you please get me my water?
Lucas: Okay, thanks for saying 'please'. I like it when you ask like a big kid.

Me: Lucas, can you please put those books away in the bookcase?
Lucas: No, these are your books, you need to put them away yourself. If you don't take care of them, then we'll have to take some away.

I lounged around in bed for close to an hour, being cared for by Lucas. I guess this is what it might be like when I'm in the old folks home.

Me: Lucas, you take really good care of me.
Lucas: I sure do, mommy. I sure do.

Then he decided he wanted to go to the Lindsey Wildlife Museum, so we switched back to our normal roles.

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