Saturday, January 13, 2007

Nature vs. nurture

I'm now thoroughly convinved that many habits are nature, not nurture.

1) Lucas' obsession with planes, trains and automobiles - From when he was a little baby, Lucas loved all things that go. And we're not into cars at all. I mean, we drive a Volvo!

2) Competitive nature - Is this a preschool thing or what? When I see Lucas with other kids, especially boys his age, he seems to be all about being bigger, faster, better. The other day Whitney and Julian were over and Julian's dad came up in conversation. Lucas said, "My daddy is bigger than your daddy." (No he's not). Earlier this week we had a playdate with Miles and Miles said he got a scooter for Christmas. I heard Lucas say, "So did I." (No he didn't). I have no idea where he gets this competitive spirit from. (Though I know Kevin will snicker when he reads this.)

3) Bathroom habits - Last night, Lucas was going to the bathroom (#2). He called out to me, "Mommy, can you bring me the paper on the couch, it's the instructions for the blocks." I got the brochure and gave it to him. He was flipping through it as he was sitting on the toilet. I know this is something many guys do. I've seen many bathrooms that have reading material for the guy, but ours is not one of them. Kevin doesn't do this.

Where the heck does he get this stuff from?

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