Friday, January 19, 2007

The weekend starts on Friday!

Yesterday was my first Friday off work and home with Lucas. And I have to say it was very nice.

We did a whole lot of, well, nothing... actually, that's not true. This is what we did:

8:00 Lucas ate breakfast consisting of oatmeal and some tangerines.
8:30 Lucas and I set up some trains in the living room.
9:00 Lucas was determined to somehow hammer these two baskets together, using nothing but a train track.
9:30 Lucas got hungry again and eats 2 scrambled eggs.
10:00 We played indoor soccer - he wins. Then we played memory.
11:30 We headed over to the copy shop so I can make some copies.
12:15 We met up with my friend Wendy at 4th Street for lunch. Lucas ate a little pizza and orange juice.
12:45 Lucas is done with lunch and no longer wants to just sit there. I asked him to do some running exercises as Wendy and I finished chatting and eating.
1:15 We all headed over to the toy store to get a birthday gift for one of Lucas' friend's, plus a little toy race car for him. We spent a bit of time there.
1:45 We went over to Sketch for a chocolate chip cookie for him, molassess ginger cookie for me.
2:00 We went to Cody's books to get a book for his friend.
2:30 We returned home. By this time, for some reason, I was totally zonked out. We went upstairs because he wanted to play more memory. I set up the cards for him and asked if he could play by himself while I "closed my eyes for 10 minutes". I closed my eyes and woke up about an hour later.
3:30 Lucas informed me that he could set up the cards all by himself. And I guess that's what he must have done, over and over again while I napped. We puttered about the house for a bit more, had a snack of apple and peanut butter.
4:15 We went to the school playground across the street. For about an hour, Lucas sat quiet and watched the big kids do tricks on their skateboards.
5:30 We headed out for a sushi dinner.
6:45 Back home again for good.

Because of our leisurely pace all day, there were no tantrums, no time-outs, and minimal whining. All in all, it was a great kick-off for the weekend!

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