Thursday, January 11, 2007

The "ouch" report

When I got to Lucas' school to pick him up today, the teacher was in the middle of interviewing Lucas and another boy so she could fill out an "ouch" report, which was a lot like a preschool version of a police report. Just before I showed up, another kid bashed Lucas in the shoulder with a wooden car, which resulted in a small bruise. (The name of the felon has been changed to protect the guilty party).

Teacher: Lucas, tell me what happened.
Lucas: I was playing on the rug with the cars and George came up and hit me with the car.
Teacher: Now George, what happened?
George: I don't know.
Teacher: I saw what you did. Now tell me what happened.
George, buckling under the pressure: Lucas was in my way and he didn't move so I hit him with the car.
Teacher: Was that a nice thing to do?
George: No, it wasn't.
Teacher: Tell Lucas that you're sorry.
George: [[silence]]
Teacher: George, say you're sorry.
George: Sorry Lucas.
Lucas: That's okay.

About 15 minutes ago, we got a call from "George's" dad, who was very concerned and wanted to make sure that Lucas was okay. I assured him that Lucas was okay. He said that George was going to write an apology letter to Lucas.

Case closed.

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